Netflix no chill


With the winter months in full force, no one  is more excited than now to stay inside and keep warm. Netflix and chill is your new wing man. Undeniably any one accepting a Netflix and chill invitation knows the deal, but to make it a smooth sailing experience, here are a my top tips. (more…)

Sexting – Top tips for sexy pics

I’m a sucker for a beautiful photo. If your oblique game is on 10 I can be putty in your hands. You’ll telepathically hear me drip. However, there are somethings I’ve seen in the sexting game that even I can’t ignore. These are my top tips for smart yet sexy snapping.

Hide your face

Whenever I’ve received a naked photo and his face is included, after I’ve finished imagining all the nasty things I’m going to do to his sexy self, my first after thought is: ”damn does this guy not want to keep his job?”  Trust doesn’t pay the bills, if I lose my phone tomorrow, what happens then?

If you have a job, or want a job that’s not at King of Diamonds, in Meek Mills new video or as an adult porn star. Include your face at your own risk. Google is every recruiters new best friend. No suit nor resume can save you when your potential employer finds a viral HD photo of your naked ass.

Clean the background

You’re built like Miracle Watts or Simeon Panda, so what? Dirty laundry, an unfolded bed and a plate full of chicken bones on your bedside table will ruin that picture.

Flashing lights

Put the light ON, or even better natural day light. Whoever asked you for a photo loves your body the way it is, so don’t try and hide it, you’re beautiful! Light makes everything look better, it bounces off the skin, naturally highlighting and contouring the body in a way that’s so sexy.

Are you proud of it?

This is the most important.

Before I press send I think of it like this. If this pic were to get out. Would my friends be surprised yet impressed? Could PornHub potentially contact me for exclusivity? If the answer to both these questions is a 100% NO. Stop. Think. Retake.

Anything with your name attached, you should be proud of. Sexy pics are like head, you don’t get points for trying, you get points for going in and owning that shit.

These tips may seem basic but we have all seen or even received a picture or two that made us shake our heads. Don’t let ours be one of them.

Tell me about your sexting stories in the comments below, I’m interested :-).


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Ashley Madison – The Relationship Murderer

Holy sh!t. Those were the first two words that came out of my mouth when the Ashley Madison scandal hit. I’m not even a member and I was nervous, so I know those that are a bit more riskay with thier online escapades were scared as hell.

I’m not going to lie, I checked the link for my friends, ex boyfriends, my dad, you name it. I was just being nosey, and while I haven’t found anyone (yet), it dawned on me that the internet has officially replaced real life. Back in the day, if you wanted to cheat you’d have to get your ass to a bar, or atleast the supermarket to meet someone new FACE TO FACE. Now all you have to do is get online. I’m more scared of a boyfriend being on the computer for too long than actually going out with his friends, because the world is literally at your finger tips when you’re at the keyboard.


What About My Orgasm?

Times have changed and woman are taking back their power. No more laying there while this dude pumps it up Joe Budden style, orgasms and goes to sleep. Hell no, I better orgasm too, and we are not finished here until I do. Do it with your mouth, your hands, your feet I don’t care but there’s no way I’m getting cut short. If you just wanted a hole, you should have ordered a Fleshlight.  (more…)

Sex and Weave Pulling

Sex and hair pullingPull it, twist it, bop it, I don’t care. Hair pulling is my shit.

When it’s grabbed with that grip that lets me know that I’d better take that Dee and love every inch of it. The thought alone makes me praise the Lord for such a blessing. I’m an avid believer in rough loving, however there are always a couple of bundles in the way of my hair pulling fun.

Scenario: hair done, deep strokes, flipping it, whipping it, getting mad affectionate *hears thread snap*.

The thought of that snap alone can stop any sexual encounter in its tracks, let’s be honest. That snap lets any woman know it’s time to slow that pace down before your Omarion in B2K braids are revealed.

When it comes to sex a fresh weave or any fresh hairstyle for that matter is a blessing and a curse.

Sex for me is better when my hair is just decent. When it’s fresh I’m thinking about maintaining it the whole damn time so unless I’m making love to Pretty Wings it’s going to get messy, and I’ve never made love, let alone to Pretty Wings.

The best sex I’ve had was when my hair was due to be redone, because I had no limitations. It was already a mess so I had nothing to lose. Pull it, grab it, twist it into a ball I didn’t give a damn, my hair appointment was in two days anyway.

Sometimes we all focus so much on trying to stay looking perfect, we forget to just be in the moment and enjoy it. When I’m getting down to it I don’t give two damns if he has a haircut, so as long as my hair is OK I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care about my hair either. Brazzilian, Peruvian, Mongolian, whatever it is, none of it is cheap, but if it seriously limits the fun we can have with the people we like then what’s the point?




Release Your Inner ‘Sexy’

Throughout history sex has been seen as a taboo, and for females it has been frowned upon to discuss and explore sex. Speaking from my own experiences it made me feel unsure and somewhat embarrassed about opening up and learning about sex. Nowadays sex is every where, it’s impossible to leave your house and not see something associated with sex, whether it’s an ad campaign, or simply a couple on the train displaying a bit too much PDA. So why are we still afraid of sex?

Speaking to many females the issue of knowing too much or not knowing enough repeatedly comes up, “how can he see me as a respectable woman if he feels I am too experienced when we make love…will he judge me? will he then lose interest?”. The answer is NO! Ladies it is now 2014 and this old school connotation of sex is long gone.

If you are a respectable woman dating a respectable man, the last thing he is going to do is think that you’re a whore just because you know how to put it down in the bedroom. Men like to feel that they have an equal partner when it comes to sex, someone with the same-sex drive, curiosity and openness towards sex and if he does feel that you’re a step ahead, he’s going to do all that he can to catch up.

release your inner sexy image

So ladies if your shy, timid or frigid, its time to release your inner sexy. Firstly, let go of any insecurities associated with sex and just feel comfortable with it, talk about sex with friends, research sex; whether its watching porn or taking a trip to your nearest Ann Summers, get to know the ins and outs of sex starting from the basics.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown. Get familiar with new innovative positions, different techniques and styles of having sex, this will also help you figure out what you like, and what you want to try out. Remember a little trial and error wont kill you.

Secondly Communicate, find out what he likes so you are able to pleasure your man the best way you know how. Don’t let constructive criticism get you down. It’s very important to find out how good you are when having sex, so asking for feedback shouldn’t be embarrassing or de-motivating. It will help you improve and also let you know what to keep doing, so ladies don’t get all crazy angry by it, he’s only trying to help.

Most importantly, PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!!!! You know what they say right? Practice makes perfect…..


Ms Erotica

Staytuned for more in-depth ways to help you release your inner sexy….

Porn – The Unappreciated Educator

My mum taught me all the basics of ‘womanly’ life, cooking, cleaning, even chasing after kids I’m yet to have, but she never taught me how to ride a dick. There are certain things our parents will never teach us, and here lies the problem.

When it comes to sex, we’re expected to learn on the job. Climb on top and rock his world, bend over and bounce that ass back. The first time a guy flipped me over to ride his dick I wasn’t even sure what I was supposed to be doing. Sit there? Rock back and forth? Maybe I should just smile and start a conversation? That was the beginning of my sexual learning curve.

Guys watch porn from the moment they can get online without adult content lock. That’s where they learn to stroke, find your spot, suck your tits, and even then some are still shit. Have you leaving the morning after thinking what a waste of my time and NC40, so imagine how much worse it could be. Girls never feel that pressure to research. We are raised to assume during sex we just lay there, look pretty and take that dick. It’s once I started listening to slow jams in my late teens that I realised I might have to do a bit more than just my hair and make-up.

Porn isn’t just a means of jerking off. It teaches us what’s hot, what’s not, new shit we didn’t know we wanted to try, let alone thought we would enjoy. It forces us to push the boundaries that we didn’t even think existed in the confines of our sexual encounters.

I can watch porn any time and feel no way about it because I’m making use of a FREE adult educational tool. However, if I preferred to stay at home and watch porn instead of going out or having actual sex, then clearly I’d have issues. Porn only becomes a problem when it’s obsessive and fucks up our ability to have meaningful relationships with real people. Not watching any porn at all, is like wanting to get a 1st class honours in our degree but refusing to revise. Ignorance is not bliss.

Sex is one of the only free pleasures we get in life. So I’ll be damned if I don’t make use of every form I like to the fullest and I hope you do the same. So if you’re not a porn watcher, turn on private browsing and start streaming. Go on, deep down you know you want to.